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How to order Makoto Endo

for a custom motorcycle painting

All paintings are one of a kind original pieces that are 100% hand painted using the highest quality ink paint on canvas.  Prices vary depending on sizes with 36”x 48” min.  Ask for more available sizes. 

$2,000 for size 36" x 48" (91cm x 122cm)
$3,000 for size 48” x 66” (122cm x 168cm)

Note: Prices do not include applicable taxes, shipping and handling fees.   

How to Order

1,  Send a photo of motorcycle to

2,  You’ll receive an order confirmation email with payment instruction to make a 50% deposit by PayPal, check, Bank wire money transfer or cash.

3,  Upon receipt of the deposit, the artist begins working on your piece.  And, a customer will be updated progresses daily.

4,  You’ll receive an email notification when the work is completed with a payment instruction to pay the balance by PayPal, check or cash.

5,  Upon receipt of the balance, the artwork will be shipped via FedEx.

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