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Makoto Endo


Makoto Endo was born in the beautiful beachfront town of Niigata, Japan. There, he began his schooling before continuing his education in Tokyo. Seeing as illustration and graphic design first captured Endo’s imagination when he was a child, studying these subjects in college was a natural progression for him. After graduating, Endo worked as a graphic designer at an advertising agency in Tokyo. Over time, the search for new experiences and opportunities soon led him to New York, where he enjoyed working as an art director and creative director. Endo has worked in the ad business for 25 years.


In 2011, Makoto Endo made the decision to change his career path to become a full-time painter. Having never stopped painting while he was in the ad business, this choice was a natural progression for Endo, and his characteristic painting style was soon founded. At first, Endo painted multiple subjects, such as landscapes and portraits, but then began focusing on one subject in particular—motorcycles. Endo now travels to motorcycle shows and rallies where he takes part in live solo painting performances.


Makoto Endo’s one-of-a-kind technique is simple yet powerful: he flings Indian ink on canvas using chopsticks. He has tried many painting tools, except brushes, in order to create a passionate and intense impression. After trial and error, Endo found bamboo chopsticks, chosen for bamboo's strength and flexibility. With his focus completely on motorcycles, Endo has begun exploring new ways of expressing himself. His main goal, however, is to paint the sound of the engine.

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