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How to book Makoto Endo

for a live motorcycle painting

You can book the artist for variety of motorcycle related events, shows, or even for a small home party. 


Simply send an email request by providing with the following information:


  •  Description of the motorcycle to be painted

  •  Event details (location, date, website if available, etc.)


Here are the requirement to book the artist:


  •   You will be responsible for all expenses including transportation (van rental and/or coach class round trip air tickets* depending on a location), and lodging.  The artist management will handle all the bookings, and send you an estimate for approval.        *If flying is involved, you will be charged for an additional $250 for a portable aluminum frame for cost-saving shipment.


  • You will not be charged for the live painting performance (free of charge), but a purchase of a work** to be done during the event is a requirement, and you will be asked to agree such purchase in prior to finalizing your booking.                        **$3,000 painting, ink on canvas, with a wooden frame in the size 66” x 48”


  • You will need to make the 50% deposit of the work ($1,500) to book the artist.  You will pay the balance of $1,500 and the travel expenses at the event.


Please feel free to ask any questions.

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